Holidays in Saxony-Anhalt

As a tourist destination, Saxony-Anhalt offers a rich combination of culture and nature, adventure and recreation that is virtually unparalleled in Germany. Its unique wealth of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is one of many compelling reasons to visit Saxony-Anhalt. Quite apart from the 6 STAUNENSWERTE, the state and its surrounding areas have a great deal to discover and experience.

Unforgettable experiences from the Harz Mountains to Elbe River

Take the “Gartenträume” for example, 50 of the most beautiful and inviting historic gardens and parks in the state. Hikers wending their way through the Harz Mountains need sturdy footwear. A wide variety of routes lead visitors through the highlands and to the medieval towns of Wernigerode and Quedlinburg with their half-timbered houses. Nature lovers can also discover Saxony-Anhalt’s picturesque landscape by boat or bicycle. The Elbe and Saale rivers, with their wild, romantic banks and the surrounding pastures and floodplain forests, are just one enticing example.

Discover all the reasons why Saxony-Anhalt is a fantastic holiday destination